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#tbt: April 27th, 1521 AD. At an impromptu business meeting, Indigenous Warrior Chieftan Lapu-Lapu informs Conquistador Ferdinand Magellan that the Philippines does not, in fact, need a fucking Starbucks franchise, thankyouverymuch.

6yrs after Trek unceremoniously terminated his contract for (correctly) calling out Lance Armstrong’s doping hypocrisy, legitimate American TdF Champ Greg LeMond is finally back in that steel road frame game w/ the Washoe. I couldn’t be any more stoked to set aside a new piggy bank asap.

Actually not even expensive for comparable, US Hand-Built Reynolds 853, US Painted (incl graphics), and tapered ENVE fork. Priced squarely between the Ritchey Logic Road (frameset) production offering & SomaFab’s handbuilt KVA steel (frame only).!/washoe

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