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#tbt - 4,000 BC to 1769AD: 20,000 Ohlone People inhabited what is now SF Bay when the Conquistadors rode in. The 2,000 now left call bullshit on your gentrification outrage at the Google Bus. (at Downtown Oakland “The Town”)

The impatience of people who used to fuck.  


What if the Red Lotus had actually gotten hold of a Child Avatar?


Korra, Season 4:  


The deaths of P’Li / Ming-Hua / Ghazan only serve to fortify the remaining Red Lotus insurgents’ resolve (incl their respective surviving family members).


Korra, through Team Avatar’s adventures, finally recovers, and finds there’s no option but to EnergyBend the Airbending out of Zaheer.  This leaves Z seemingly broken; he spends the next few decades writing RL manifestos and a journal of his own Airbending experience, including Guru Laghima’s philosophies about weightlessness.  


Z’s writings are smuggled from his prison upon his death by a RL loyalist undercover in the White Lotus.  Z’s writings are delivered to Ming-Hua’s sisters (let’s just call them the Water Witches), who due to their own lives of crime have moved to Ba Sing Se, to raise … MINGZAN’s BABY (now a 14yr old earthbender) (!!!).  This child idolizes his dead parents / the Red Lotus.


Ba Sing Se is in constant chaos, and the Red Lotus sees that people w/o structure are only capable of violence against the weaker.  They take charge to bring back order, but the seeds of their own place as tyrants is sewn.  

At the same time, RL starts rounding up any “new” parents w/ kids to a special retreat to raise the babies in peace / harmony (this includes the WW and MZ’s child).  “Citizen Soldiers” is a plan the RL leaders pull directly from Zaheer’s journals. 


Avatar 3rd Series - The Earth Bender


It’s been decades since Korra’s death, and the Avatar spirit has yet to appear (at least among the free nations).  The White Lotus has been searching to no avail.


Flashback, pre-prison:  Ghazan & Ming-Hua, once a couple, have broken up (like people sometimes do).  Lots of passion, but personalities didn’t mesh as lifelong partners.  Their son, an earthbending baby, is sent to live w/ the WW’s in Ba Sing Se during the Red Lotus’ kidnapping attempt.


Present Day Ba Sing Se - Massive human rights violations throughout the Earth Nation (no longer kingdom), mostly stemming from RL’s isolationism and famine.  Think North Korea.  


RL runs a propaganda campaign reinforcing xenophobia of the Republic, the Water Tribes, and the New Air Nation.  All BSS citizens buy into the fearmongering.  They gladly give up new parents / babies to the Citizen Soldier project (producing both non-Bending and Bending soldiers).  RL has already found the Avatar spirit in a BSS child.


The grandchild of Mingzan is now in his early 20’s.  Trained at birth by RL’s finest benders, he’s got total control of

  • Earth / Lava / Sand / Metal Bending thanks to the Dai Li (now RL’s secret police)
  • Water / Blood / Plant / Cloud / Steam / Ice / Spirit Bending (and Healing) thanks to the descendants of the Water Witches
  • Fire / Lightning / Combustion Bending, thanks to the Cult of Shiva (introduced as RL firebending acolytes of P’Li)
  • Airbending / Flight / Astral Projection thanks to Zaheer’s journals
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat, thanks to Amon’s former Chi Blockers run out of Republic City and absorbed into RL


So basically this dude’s a Living Weapon, and since the Avatar spirit was fooled into thinking the baby was raised in a caring home / community (thanks to RL’s Citizen Solder project), he’s officially the most powerful being alive.


And he’s been brainwashed since birth as the righteous destroyer of leadership in the Water Tribes / New Air Nation / Republic – mainly to take their land / food for his own citizens.  He’s definitely the hero of his own story.  It’s up to Team Non-Avatar to take him down / release the Avatar spirit for a FireBender reboot (unless this new Avatar can see enough of the outside world to change…?)





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